Festival Update

Festival selections this fall include Milano Film Festival, CutOut Fest in Mexico, Maipu Cortos in Argentina, Animage in Brazil and the Mill Valley Film Festival in California which I will attend since it is only a bridge away from home!


SausageFest at Pixar

My friend Erick Oh and I recently had a joint screening at Pixar, the Sausage Fest, featuring my WURST and his GUNTHER. You can see the trailer for Erick's hilarious tale of a sausage that wants to become a Hotdog here.


Anima Wursti

Wurst is in competition at the upcoming Anima Mundi Festival in Brazil. The film is also selected at Corto in Bra in Italy and is part of Spike and Mike's Sick and Twisted Festival screening at Comicon and Annecy this summer.


Miam Miam

Yummy Films  is our new Distributor!

If you want to broadcast WURST on TV or VOD,
François Heiser is your man : contact@yummy-films.com



Fetter Spass!

Ob dick oder dünn, weiss oder braun, fit oder schlapp, klotz oder protz,
am Strand sind wir alle nur Wurst.


Making Of #1

Erstes MakingOf Video das ich rasch zusammengebastelt habe. Mehr Videos folgen, Ich such mir schon mal die naechste Sonata aus.